Class: MDA based on freeMDA

Ein durchgehendes Beispielprojekt zur Demonstration von MDA-Techniken unter Verwendung der MDA-Plattform freeMDA; November 2009 


freemda.pdf ist die Dokumentation des Projektes. ist das komplette Projekt mit allen Sourcen und Artefakten.


freemda is a project that covers a complete MDA process with using a free integrated MDA platform. For more information about the platform and the process take a look at freemda/docu/index.html. This docu is also available as pdf-file. (If you wonder, why the docs look like as they do, both the web-docu and the pdf-version have been generated with a model driven document generation process. If you like the representation, we should speak about it. If not, I would like to argue with you.)